Violent Interactions between Law Enforcement and Black Americans

March 23, 2017 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Last summer, Dallas trauma surgeon Brian H. Williams, M.D., FACS, found himself thrust into the middle of a national crisis. A peaceful protest about police treatment of African Americans had ended in bloodshed, with 12 officers shot by a lone gunman. Williams led the team that worked to save their lives – and emerged with a new drive to confront violence and racism. He’ll share his story with leaders, scholars and community members at a special symposium on violent interactions between law enforcement and black Americans. The event will take a look at the public health impacts of such interactions -- as well as the historical and current factors that play into it. It’s designed to bring people from many fields together to work toward solutions by joining action teams that will continue their work after the event is over. More info: RSVP to attend:

Location: School of Public Health Auditorium