You, Inc.: Building Your Personal Leadership Brand

May 4, 2017 9:30am - 1:00pm
Your identity or brand helps communicate your value and what you stand for as a leader. Knowing this helps you make smart decisions about the work you want to engage in, identify opportunities where you need to stretch and grow, and let others know what you can contribute. In this course, based on the latest concepts by experts, you’ll actively work to translate your core strengths and talents into a tangible personal brand. You will benefit by: Becoming more intentional and strategic in developing your leadership identity and capability Receiving feedback from others that builds on or validates your unique talents and contributions to establish your leadership identity Leveraging and incorporating the self-knowledge gained from peer feedback and the StrengthsFinder® assessment Audience: Anyone who would like to increase self-awareness of their unique talents and use the information to make more informed career decisions and lead others more effectively

Location: Learning & Professional Development