Advocacy & Activism Symposium

November 15, 2017 7:00am - 4:00pm
CEW is leading a one-day Spectrum of Advocacy and Activism Symposium: Finding Your Voice focused on advocacy and activism training. This event will demonstrate how a person’s activism can change over time, how advocacy is tied to a person’s context and situational power, and how partnering with diverse perspectives can strengthen advocacy and activism efforts. Health outcomes has been selected as the theme for this year’s symposium because of increasing uncertainty surrounding health care in America, including coverage for women’s health care. The goals for this one-day symposium are: -to engage students, practitioners, and researchers who are interested in advocacy and activism -to equip symposium participants with advocacy training that can be applied to their area(s) of interest -to develop a network among attendees for potential partnerships beyond the symposium -to highlight the value of diverse perspectives in advocacy work Space for the symposium will be limited to 350 people. Registration available now!

Location: Michigan League