Mindful Communication

May 10, 2017 10:00am - 1:00pm
Mindful communication happens when you are truly in the present and can exercise curiosity, kindness and compassion. You avoid harsh language, gossip, and other things that can put you in a position of confrontation. This session will focus on how you can be more mindful in your communication and connect better. You will learn to: Recognize how your communication style communication style impacts your interactions with everyone you work with Apply various techniques that will allow you to be "in the present" when speaking with others Identify ways to manage your conversations to focus on clarification, not confrontation You will benefit by: Understanding the importance of reflection in your daily life Knowing how you filter and frame information when you speak Building better relationships with those you come in contact with Audience: Anyone who would like to improve their communication style and connect better with others

Website: https://hr.umich.edu/working-u-m/professional-development/learning-professional-development/courses/mindful-communication
Location: Learning & Professional Development