Change Management: A Practical Approach to Implementing Business Processes

May 3, 2017 9:30am - 5:30pm
Are you ready to implement new or revised work processes? Implementing these changes requires adopting a structured approach. Successful results can be attained once work processes are smoothly implemented, people buy into the change, and lasting benefits are achieved and sustainable. You will learn to: Distinguish the main difference between change and transition Apply a change management model that focuses on specific business results Determine a unit’s change readiness and effective employee coaching strategies to prepare them for it Apply the tools and best practices needed to engage the people dimension of change You will benefit by: Knowing concrete change management steps toward communicating your internal processes Learning the tools and methodologies that are critical to successfully implementing process mapping efforts in your organization Assessing your individual environment, and exploring how your current processes align to these best practices Engaging in group discussion to enhance your learning Audience: Anyone wishing to implement a new or revised business process

Location: Learning & Professional Development