Turning Bad Communication Habits into Good Ones

May 3, 2017 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Communication does not come easy to everyone. Once bad communication habits take hold it can be hard to break them. You will learn to: Examine the basics of “active listening” to sharpen your listening skills Communicate diplomatically in a variety of sensitive situations Determine ways to deliver criticism that results in a positive behavior change Use techniques for saying “No” in a confident, calm manner without feeling guilty You will benefit by: Gaining confidence in communicating with others who are resistant to change Feeling more comfortable when persuading others to see it your way Strengthening professional relationships using rapport-building techniques Establishing credibility and projecting confidence in the workplace Audience: Anyone who would like to develop skills to establish credibility, persuade and influence others, and to shine in the workplace

Website: https://hr.umich.edu/working-u-m/professional-development/learning-professional-development/courses/turning-bad-communication-habits-good-ones
Location: Learning & Professional Development