Data Visualization for Impact

March 30, 2017 2:00pm - 5:00pm
How can you use your data to tell its story? How do you help your audience to “get it”? We see graphs every day that are ineffective, misleading, or even downright wrong. This session will lead you through the process of creating effective data visualizations for your reports and presentations. You will learn to: Describe how people process visual information Design charts and graphs that effectively represent the data you are using Apply techniques that allow you to visualize large data sets for greater comprehension Represent data in a way that avoids misleading your audience Identify chart noise and apply techniques to reduce it when presenting data Use the appropriate methods that allow you to tell your story with charts and graphs You will benefit by: Designing more effective charts and graphs Avoiding common pitfalls in data visualization Focusing your audience on your message in the data you are presenting Audience: Anyone who needs to include data visualizations in reports or presentations

Location: Learning & Professional Development