Here We Go Again: Dealing with Workplace Change

May 17, 2017 9:30am - 1:00pm
Change is the only constant in our lives. In this course you will learn to develop a manageable perspective on how to work with the disruptions, speed-bumps, and adaptations that occur as a natural part of everyone’s lives. You will learn to: Identify the process of change in both work and non-work life situations Discuss the stages that individuals must deal with during change Examine various strategies for dealing with change successfully Apply the best strategies to reframe situations in order to deal with them with the least amount of stress You will benefit by: Gaining some degree of control over how you deal with change Knowing the vocabulary for internalizing the effects of change Developing an action plan for dealing with change, now and in the future Audience: Anyone trying to deal with change at work or in their personal life

Location: Learning & Professional Development