Burnout Prevention for Managers

April 21, 2017 10:00am - 1:00pm
As a manager, you spend your days meeting one obligation after another. There are many challenges that create pressure and stress that are often difficult and sometimes impossible to handle. This means there is a great risk of burning out not just at the workplace, but also at home. This workshop will help you develop coping skills for the stressors in workplace settings, the stress of life in general, and help you enjoy life as a human being instead of as a human doing. You will learn to: Identify self-care strategies that will help you manage work pressures Apply techniques to counteract the symptoms of burnout Choose action steps to help you live a more balanced life You will benefit by: Decreased pressure both at work and at home Developing coping skills for the stresses of life Gaining a sense of balance between work and home life Audience: Managers, supervisors, and those responsible for overseeing the work of others

Website: https://hr.umich.edu/working-u-m/professional-development/learning-professional-development/courses/burnout-prevention-managers-living-life-human-being-instead-human-doing
Location: Learning & Professional Development