At risk in just 5 minutes – Brad Uren, M.D., shares advice with NBC News on coping with the extreme cold

Cover everything up.

That’s the advice of Brad Uren, M.D., assistant professor in the department of emergency medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School, who spoke with NBC News about the extreme cold gripping the Midwest and Great Lakes. "If it’s colder than 10 below zero you can develop frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes," he said. That certainly covers Minnesota, where some places approached 30 below in recent days. "Almost any amount of wind added to that — as little as a 5 mph wind — and you’re fast approaching the point where there’s a risk of frostbite in just five minutes."

His advice for when you have to go out: it’s a good time to bring out the ski masks, the scarves, "anything else you need to cover up your face." Bottom line: listen to your body. Tingling is an early sign of frostbite, but Uren cautioned that you shouldn’t be waiting for warning signs of frostbite — if you feel any discomfort, it’s time to get out of the cold.

Read more about Uren’s interview here.

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