Four falcon chicks named from suggestions in online contest

After receiving thousands of submissions through the university’s Facebook page, four peregrine falcons that recently hatched in a nesting box atop University Hospital have been named Maize, Blue, (Desmond) Howard and (Charles) Woodson.

The university selected the winning names after inviting the community to participate in an online naming contest.

This is the third straight year a pair of peregrine falcons has successfully nested on the roof of University Hospital. The chicks hatched around April 29 and will stay with the adults until the end of August.

Late last week, three of the young falcons attempted to fly and were unable to get back up to the nest. They have been taken to a rehabilitator who will work with the chicks to strengthen their flight muscles before being released back to the nest site.

The falcon chicks were banded in late May so they can be tracked by the DNR.

Read more about the new falcons:

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