100-year-old UMHS patient featured on Channel 4 Detroit for regular fitness routine

One-hundred-year-old UMHS patient Margaret Rookes was recently featured on Channel 4 Detroit for her impressive regular fitness regimen.

See Margaret on Channel 4 here: http://umhealth.me/Y5UOXK

Margaret shows off her workout moves and even challenges reporter Ashlee Baracy to leg press the same weight Margaret can press: 160 pounds.

Margaret is a regular participant of the Functional Fitness for Older Adults class in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

“I can do a lot of things I know I couldn’t do if I didn’t come here … I just hope everyone will listen to this and go out and exercise right now,” Margaret says in the clip.

Read Margaret’s full story in Inside View: http://uminsideview.org/2735/100-year-old-umhs-patient-on-exercise-youre-never-too-old-to-start/

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