Wanted – Interesting hobbies, tidbits from our Medical School faculty

Medical School faculty members work daily in our clinics, research laboratories and classrooms to fulfill our tripartite mission. But, what do they do when they are not on the medical campus?

We have created a repository of profiles that reveal interesting tidbits about our faculty, including:

* Who has built most of the furniture in his home? Answer:

* Who is an avid rower? Answer:

* Whose high school biology teacher greatly influenced her career? Answer:

* Who plays the bagpipe and penny whistle? Answer:

* Who is an Ohio State fan? Answer:

* Who wanted to be a rock star or Olympic downhill ski racer? Answer:

In an effort to add more profiles to this section, we would like to hear about faculty who have unique hobbies or interests outside of the Medical School.

To submit the name of a faculty member to profile, please contact Kevin Bergquist at kevberg@umich.edu.

Web Address: http://www.med.umich.edu/medschool/about/profiles/

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